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Services Available

Every dog is considered individually and by the size of dog, when it was last groomed, the dogs medical condition, age and behaviour. I will never overcharge and I believe that an owner must have trust in their dog groomer to take care of their four-legged friend.


1st groom for puppy (up to six months old) is free and includes:

      • Brush out
      • Ears cleaned and nails trimmed
      • Face and private areas trimmed
      • Bath and dry
      • Finished with doggy perfume and bow

Even if you feel that your puppy doesn’t need anything done, it’s advisable at a young age to get them used to come to your groomers so that it isn’t too much of a trauma for them when they are a wee bit older. Just putting them on the grooming table and letting them take in the different smells around them is a good idea at this stage.

Full package includes:

      • Pre-groom including ears cleaned and nails trimmed
      • Bath and dry
      • Full cut or de-shedding treatment
      • Finished with doggy perfume and bow

Tidy up in between full grooms:

      • Ears cleaned and nails trimmed
      • Eye and private areas trimmed

If dogs require lots of extra grooming due to excessive knots or matts the time needed for the groom may increase and therefore possibly the cost. Regular grooming is so important for the comfort and health of your dog.
Only the best of products are used including special shampoos for those with more sensitive coats, those with white coats will be treated with a shampoo which will leave them dazzling white! There is s shampoo to cater for everyone’s coat colour, condition and texture.